A great start for Tender Loin

A great start for Tender Loin

Eat Pink officially launched a new productat Cibus 2022: Tender Loin. And what better occasion?

Great things come in small packages

Lean, tender slices of select loin,are enclosed in an incredibly colourful 250 g pack. Eat Pink meat is guaranteed quality, it comes from a controlled supply chain from Italy and is processed and packaged without any preservatives or allergens for the highest safety standards.

Quick and easy to cook, our Tender Loin meets the needs of people who do not have much time but do not want to miss a healthy meal, or for anyone who is less skilled in the kitchen. However, if you like cooking, these slices of pink meat will be the perfect base for creating inventive, original recipes. What’s more, the pack is extremely practical and lets you prepare balanced portions while limiting any waste.

What makes this loin special? First of all, its tenderness, as its name suggests. Thanks to its delicate marinade, the meat manages to stay unbeatably soft even when cooked a few minutes longer than it should have been. You will forget all about dry, flavourless, sad slices of pork Try it and you’ll see!

Just like every Eat Pink product, this Tender Loin also has a strong focus on the environment. The packaging is fully recyclable nd is made from a PEFC certified cardboard tray – which shows that it comes from sustainably managed forests – bearing the Aticelca logo (meaning the cardboard is made from over 80% recycled material); all of which is covered by a plastic film. The choice of a cardboard tray (rather than plastic) is a more expensive investment for the company, but the right thing to do because it is in line with the brand’s philosophy, which wants to make a real contribution to combating overpackaging – all the information for the customer is printed on the tray – and the excessive production of plastic waste, which is hard to dispose of and very damaging for the environment.

In short, from the chilled section to your dinner table, it is a high-quality “green” product for a one-course meal or a light main meal with pink meat, which is always incredibly tender and will keep everyone happy!