Summer is officially here and you’ve got an aching desire to go on holiday, yes?

However, for many people, summer is also time for life outdoors and spending time looking after themselves, not just with exercise, but also by reconnecting with nature. It is no coincidence that trekking, is becoming increasingly popular as it combines exercise, good health, exploring and a desire to spend quality time together with friends and family.

Many ideas – sometimes too many – come to mind when you think of holidays, but if you want to go on a hike, then the possible destinations are really within easy reach. When planning an active holiday in the Apennines or Alpsyou can often discover new inspiration close to home too: nature, history, villages, rural museums, and food and drink. Everything is connected by an increasingly well-maintained network of paths, supported by modern technology, which ensures that there are no more excuses not to go on an adventure.

Many resources are now online for hikers, which are well-made and easy to use; the actual regional tourism organisations sometimes provide dedicated maps and apps. Everyone can therefore organise their own active holiday: more experienced walkers, beginners, slower walkers, or families with children.

Let’s get out there and enjoy Italy, which offers a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and traditions and can suit the tastes of all types of tourists.

Summer and well-being

When you go trekking, just like when you play sport or exercise in general, it is very important to look after your body and to adopt healthy habits especially when you are putting in more effort.

In summer, it is essential to stay hydrated and to eat fresh, light foods. Together with fruit and vegetables, which you should never miss, Eat Pink products are the perfect meal because they are nutritious yet lean and light, so much so that many athletes have been won over by pink meat, which now stands for guaranteed wholesomeness, good health and flavour. Our range offers both seasoned, pre-cooked dishes, in various delicious recipes, and incredibly tender cuts, to be enjoyed with friends or family at the end of the day. You are then ready to go again!